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Tustan- 2007

The Tu stan! medieval ethnic festival (We can translate it from the ancient dialect as Stay here or No step behind) which was held in period 5-7 September recreated the ancient atmosphere of Kiev Rus. This activity took part at the area of Tustan States Historical and Cultural Reserve. In IX-XIII century at this place existed the unique rock town-fortress Tustan the real memorial of history, archeology and nature, which doesnt have any analogy in Europe. It is one of those medieval fortresses which at that time were used to protect the territory of ancient Kiev Rus. Now many subject experts from the different countries recognize the originality of this fortress almost no one memorial in the whole world has the five-storey monumental construction built in rocks.

The first phase of the Tustan! medieval ethnic festival Friday 7 September was dedicated exclusively to participants of this festival, there were finished the semi-final battles of different Historical Reconstruction Clubs, the planner of painters and symposium of sculptors. Then the action was followed by Medieval Day (Saturday 8 September) and Gods Day (Sunday 9 September).

At Saturday were held the final battles, night assault of fortress, theatrical enchanting spectacle performed by the actors of Lviv Les Kurbas Theatre and the concerts of medieval music bands. Next day, on Sunday, after the Divine Service there were performances of different authentic folk bands of Skolivschina (name of region).

During the sculptors symposium by Zigura brothers there were performed two works The Knight (Mykita) and Frozen Giant (Egor).



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