Zigura Mykita Egor sculpture ceramics bronze exclusive chess silver stone land-art chamot castings miniature interior
Monumental and park sculpture
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GOGOLFEST - it is the artistic-audio-video-theatric-literary-philosophical project of Cultural Art Museum and Modern Art Center Krysha, dedicated to 200-year anniversary of Nikolai Gogol.

The aim of this project is to unite different distinguished modern artists, philosophers, musicians, writers and directors, as well as producers and patrons powers and all, who really cares about Modern Ukrainian Art around the name and philosophical- religious ideas of the genius, who presented the new and unknown, mystical terra incognita Ukraine to the world.

GOGOLFEST project is a significant step in the way of implementation of Art Arsenals Main Goal, which is appealed to be a window into Ukraine for the world and window into the world for Ukraine at the same time. Also, it has to fulfill two general functions, which never been combined in any cultural and art project before concentrate cultural and art values and generate an innovation processes in Ukrainian Culture.

GOGOLFEST project is accumulation of creative energy of Ukrainian Arts Ideological Elite and making of precedent for significant Ukrainian Arts Actions; it is producing of new mighty creative field, it is popularization of Modern Ukrainian Art at the world level. Furthermore, it is re-perception, accumulation and rectification of philosophical and arts heritage of Nikolai Gogol. It is creation of fairy world tree of Modern Ukrainian Art Civilization.

The first stage of GOGOLFEST was held within the precincts of Art Arsenal (7 -14 September 2007) and consisted of visual (GOGOL.PORTRET Project), theatrical (GOGOLS DEATH Spectacle-performance) and musical (concerts) programs.

The top-priority condition for presented art, musical, theatrical, audio-visual and other possible projects were their relation with core of Arsenals architectural space. The artist must come into the Arsenals space as into the life-giving bosom- not destroying, but engendering a child of approaching Art Civilization in it.

Mykita and Egor Zigura presented the installation named Dead souls. Volume two there. As you know, the manuscripts do not burn.




(c) Mykyta & Egor Zigura 2008 designed by M'boti Uchacha School & Rosty Co