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III International Festival of Sand Sculpture and Land-Art in Kiev. 2005

15 May 2005 on Trukhanov island the III International festival of Sand Sculpture and Land-Art in Kiev was opened. As well as a lot of other events, it was devoted to Eurovision and took place next to the Eurocamp located nearly.

About 40 persons from five countries presented their works in such technically difficult and short-lived business, as a Sand Sculpture. On average about 15 tons (!) of sand and five days of hard work were spent for one sculpture. Specially for this contest on a beach 300 tons of quarry sand were delivered. For some of artists work with sand was for a first time, and that is why the entire day passed for worming up, studying of material.

Brothers-twins Egor and Mykita Zigura explained to us that every artist has own distictive features. For example, they used to work with clay and plasticine, so they decided to take clay sand for the sculpture.
Their Mountain shepherd (figure of head with flute) actually looks not quite sandy. No, nothing was added in sand, just all the time we made it more compact with water. The skill of hands and no tricks, - Mykita tells staying half-turned, correcting the last lines. It is possible to understand a future architect: in fact he rubs out not somebody, but himself. Mykita and Egor created the exact self-portrait of sand. What is the goal? To win a contest, certainly. Indeed, their two-meter head deserved it.

Traditionally, the chairman of judge was well-known architect Oleg Pinchuk. The sculpture of brothers obtained the third place.

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